"Russ had the crowd wound-up tighter than a two-dollar toy..."-Adus Dorsey, Torrey Music Festival

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2017 Performance Dates
Date Event & Venue Address Time
Jan 1 Norris Hot Springs Norris, MT 7-9pm
Jan 3 Bozeman Spirits Bozeman, MT 5:30-7:30pm
Feb 10 Norris Hot Springs Norris, MT 7-9pm
Feb 27 Bozeman Public Library Bozeman, MT 7pm
Mar 28 Bozeman Spirits Bozeman, MT 5pm
April 06 Beaverhead Brewing- Sponsored by SW MT Arts Dillon, MT 5pm
April 10 The Murray Bar Livingston, MT 5pm
April 11 MAP Brewing Bozeman, MT 6-8pm
April 15 Two Basset Brewery White Sulphur Springs, MT 5pm
May 02 Bacchus Pub Bozeman, MT 7pm