Worlduck Folk Theatre - contemporary theatre with a folk art sensibility.
Welcome to Worlduck Folk Theatre- proud purveyors of the finest musical stories. Worlduck performances wed the art and intimacy of one-man theatre with hand-crafted original stories and songs to create professional theatre that is compelling in scope and natural in delivery.
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A Miner Life Stories of life under the surface
Step back in time and experience a unique theatrical performance - the one-man experimental folk musical. Against a backdrop of slides and paintings- original stories, songs and images weave a picture of the past: the fictional and artistic history of mining's golden age. (75 min, pg-13)
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'Wow! I've never seen them sit so still.'
-Christie Prince, Principal, Waynesboro Elementary School, Waynesboro, TN
Referring to an audience of 400 students.
The UnMappable
Happy Chapman

Welcome to Mann's Curiosity Shop- home to the Chapman family and a place where stories are bought, sold and traded. This fabled tradition of pedaling fiction may be nearing an end however, because Happy doesn't see what isn't there- he cannot tell a story.

When Happy embarks on a journey to find the one thing he believes in, he discovers something that will change his life forever. A theatrical story and song performance, The UnMappable Happy Chapman will captivate audiences of all ages.(50 min, all ages)
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